Join the Annual Sketchers Walk from Pier to Pier on Sunday

sketchers start

This Sunday, on October 25th, an estimated 12,000 people are expected to walk from the Manhattan Beach Pier to Hermosa Beach Pier (a 3.4 mile round trip) to raise money for children with special needs and education.

sketchers endThe opening ceremony begins at 9:00am, Parking is tricky, but there are several shuttle options to make it easier.  For me, the greatest part of this event is seeing so many people get involved- parents, students, young, old. As I have said before, this event restores my faith in humanity.

If you want to walk, you can register here or just come on down and people watch, I am certain you will want to participate next year.  If you want to donate, you can click right here, any amount is helpful.  This money helps for outings for special needs kids, it helps pay teacher’s salaries when they are threatened by lay-offs.  It really is money well spent (and tax deductible)

If you are interested in gathering signatures in your autograph book, boxing legend Sugar Ray Leonard, actress Brooke Burke-Charvet and legendary Hall of Fame baseball manager Tommy Lasorda will be there for the opening ceremony.

Come down to the beach and frolic with the masses. You will feel great that you did.

If you want to check out photos from a previous walk, click here

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