The Krampus Amongst Us!

Krampusnacht VRT 4Downtown Los Angeles Art Walk on Thursday was a  special night or nacht for the “with it and happening folks”, as a motley group of disheveled furry faun like creatures gathered on Winston and Los Angeles Street in DTLA. Krampus fever has been gripping the interest of the artistic community, iconoclasts and the irreverent for many years now. Anthony Bourdain’s A Krampus Carol was a huge counter-culture hit years ago and helped to spread the word of Krampus.  It’s been seen here in LA with the annual Krampus Ball, now in its third year, with Krampus events at The Red Lion and Alpine Village. DTLA Art Walk played host to its first Krampuslauf with a combination of the local Kobold, organized by Al Ridenour and Al Guerrero, who formed the LA Krampus troupe and the authentic imported kind they brought from Austria known as Moorpass from Maishofen Austria.

The gathering started around 7:30pm when most had arrived to witness St. Nicholas or Father Christmas address the crowd from Kimric Smythe‘s Krampus-driven steam car. After an edifying and occasionally scolding message from Father Christmas the steam machine cranked up, bellowing steam and moving along a profoundly safe pace, Krampuslauf or Krampus Run was kicked-off. Krampus was at the wheel and Father Christmas stood in proper Saintly pose as the furry horned devils scampered along the dirty sidewalks of DTLA.

Krampus Photo Gallery after the Jump

The throng of Krampus and Kobold enthusiast of all shapes and sizes kept a brisk pace encountering the uninitiated, some to surprise and others to curiosity. Yes, there were spanking of the wicked by Krampus with his birch switches, but there were those who lingered to long for their punishment for it to be considered meaningful discipline and, rather perversely, showed signs of pleasure. As far as anyone knows no one was dragged of to a cave or the underworld by their hair for their misdeeds, but who knows for sure!

There’s one last chance to be taunted by Krampus! Krammpstein will be doing a live show at the Complex in Glendale with openers Marilyn Krampson on the 19th. The 1st 50 people to attend get a free Krampus shirt! Saint Nicolas knows whether you’ve been naughty or nice but it’s Krampus that will deal with the naughty and you know who you are!

Billy Bennight

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