L.A. Witch Releases 7 Inch, Plays The Roxy January 22

Local psych-rock trio L.A. Witch, featuring Sade Sanchez, Irita Pai and Ellie English, is releasing a new single, “Drive Your Car” (live version, above) – with the B-side “Ain’t Comin Home” – in February. It’s available digitally or on 7″ “smoke-colored” vinyl through Bandcamp. The group has a dark, cool, lazy sound, with strong bass, mixing ’60s psychedelia with some ’90s grunge. The obvious comparison for Sanchez’s vocals is a less-sweet sounding Hope Sandoval of Mazzy Star, but their sound also brings to mind another good L.A. trio, Midnight Movies, who unfortunately disbanded in 2008.

“Drive Your Car” has a nice, moody urgency to it, while “Ain’t Comin Home” is slower and dreamier with more jangly guitar, definitely good for listening under swirling lights in your bedroom. Currently on a West Coast tour, you can catch L.A. Witch at The Roxy this Friday, opening for a Nashville group called, appropriately, All Them Witches.

Simone Snaith

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