Cat Art Show 2: The Sequel…It Was a Feline Mania Weekend!


It’s the high season for cat fanciers! The second incarnation of the Cat Art Show LA invaded the fashion district this weekend, the first show having taken place in Hollywood in 2014. Despite the nearly impossible downtown LA parking possibilities, we were able to trudge our way up to the Think Tank Gallery and ooh and ahh at all the kitty cuteness, weirdness and whimsical portrayals provided by 80+ participating artists.  While this current show ended this weekend, we will be able to get our next kitty fix at LA’s next big cat event this coming June at the CatCon LA.  Meow!

All images by Judy Ornelas Sisneros. All rights reserved.

Judy Ornelas Sisneros

About Judy Ornelas Sisneros

I am a native Californian, born and raised in Bakersfield and eventually escaping to San Jose then San Francisco where I spent every free moment in punk and post-punk culture spaces before heading to LA permanently in 1989. I have also spent major time as an AIDS and queer street activist, which today along with my passion for punk/alternative music still informs my personal and social life. I love photography, film and playing punk/post-punk stuff on the bass. My LA Beat contributions are usually photos that give a glimpse into the vibrant art and music scene that makes Los Angeles such an amazing city to live in today.
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  1. I love Frida the most

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