“School Days” at Lethal Amounts: The Nearly Lost Photos of Barry Kleven


On April 22nd, downtown rock & roll gallery Lethal Amounts presents “School Days”, featuring photography from 1970s punk and rock concerts in Los Angeles, taken by an unknown but talented photographer named Barry Kleven. As a teenager, the late Kleven borrowed cameras on the sly from his Catholic high school and took them to shows, making his way up front and even backstage, but his scrapbook was only discovered by his family after his death. In a box headed for the trash, Kleven’s nephew found an impressive collection featuring The Ramones, The Runaways, Blondie, Cheap Trick and more, performing in small clubs around town.

What better place to admire his work now than Lethal Amounts? The exhibit opens at 8pm on the 22nd and runs through the weekend.

Image via Facebook Event

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