The Green Room Wants the Airwaves, Baby

Considering how badly most people want to get backstage, there is usually only smelly rooms with suspicious-looking carpeting and if you are lucky, a couch you would never, ever sleep on. OK, sometimes there is beer, but that’s about it. So what could be worse than being trapped backstage by a maniac? Drawing from the rich cinematic history of kids trapped in a cabin, kids trapped in an old spooky house, kids trapped in a motel, and even kids trapped in dreams, Green Room has put an original spin on it by adding a band, and many bands have a special hell all their own that might add to the plot.

Another interesting factor is that this is a punk band. At least what passes for punk, meaning we can expect tougher, braver, and more unpredictable behavior. I would much rather they went back to the 70s or 80s to terrorize a gnarly band like The Mentors or St. Vitus., maybe even Suicidal Tendencies. Maybe like Paranormal Activity we will get more sequels where they go back to terrorize the nardcore scene. The movie opens in select theaters, including the Arclight Hollywood, on April 15th. Buy tickets here.

In conjunction with the movie, Green Room Radio (GRR), a weekly online punk rock radio show has been launched. The show will feature interviews from “legends of the hardcore scene” like Keith Morris and Roger Mirret. Tony Rettman will DJ, turning you on to some authentic punk rock  (e.g. MINOR THREAT – “Straight Edge” 7 SECONDS – “New Wind” DEAD BOYS – “Down in Flames” MISFITS – “Hateair Breeders”). Episode 7, now playing on Green Room’s site and on Soundcloud, features Mike Judge (Judge) and Toby Morse (H2O). talking about why they chose to be Straight Edge, plus the usual crazy gig stories.

Before I go, I do have to say that I have never heard the band’s backstage area called the Green Room. Those are the backstage areas for TV shows. Maybe they should have locked random celebrities from the Jimmy Kimmel show in a room and terrorized them. I would watch that. Twice. Also, how weird is it to see our beloved Patrick Stewart going all medieval on these kids?

Not sure if you are punk enough? Take this quiz: What kind of punk are you?


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