Ed Moses @90 William Turner Gallery

Ed Moses via the William Turner Gallery

Ed Moses via the William Turner Gallery

Having recently seen a thought-provoking and interesting show of the iconoclastic Ed Moses’ work only a few months ago, I was surprised by his new show. One would think that at 90 he might slow down his productivity and exploration. Not so with this prolific and artist that we can proudly say is a part of the Angeleno art movement. The Moses @ 90″ exhibit spans his entire career. The works are being shown at William Turner Gallery at the Bergamot Station gallery and spilling over into the adjacent space from April 30th until June 25th.

Walking into the show this weekend, my eyes drank in the color boldly laid upon the canvas. Ducking into a darkened room, I find wood with cutouts displaying shadows on the floor. Going into the next room, a triptych greets me with an intense dark grey with Aurora Borealis glitter showing the stars in the galaxy layered on Terra-cotta and Robins Egg Blue. Turning the corner, a room with large mirrors giving the viewer the feel of bring the participant in a fun house of mirrors.

Ed was to be celebrating his 90th birthday at the exhibit. Yet the day before the show he fell and was forced to stay at home. Looking up, we noticed spying web cams strategically placed, giving Ed a birds eye view of all that came and went. We couldn’t see Ed but he knew everything we were up to.

Blowing him a kiss and a wink. Happy Birthday to a self-described retired playboy.

William Turner Gallery, 2525 Michigan Ave., Santa Monica

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