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Hat & Beard Press held an opening night reception in Hollywood last night to celebrate the release of the collection, “Slash: A Punk Magazine from Los Angeles, 1977-80.” The new book includes every cover of the magazine’s 29-issue run, as well as new essays and stories by Exene Cervenka, KK Barrett, Gary Panter, Vivien Goldman and many more. Copies of the book were available at the event for $10 off the regular $60 price, and came with a reprint of the very first issue, which declared:

“Enough is enough, partner! About time we squeezed the pus out and sent the filthy rich old farts of rock ’n’ roll to retirement homes in Florida where they belong.”

The event space on Fountain Avenue was sweltering, but the exhibit was visually pleasing with its displayed original Slash! pages hanging from the ceiling by yellow straps, as well as projections from the new book on the brick walls. I enjoyed reading a Fear interview that mentioned mocking Scientologists onstage, while standing just a couple doors down from one of their enormous “churches.”

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All photos by Simone Snaith for The LA Beat

Simone Snaith

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