Book Review/Launch Party: 111 Places in Los Angeles That You Must Not Miss

7aae0dbf-89c0-4fca-8ee5-137c0b45e252_1-94f4ac75677afbdaaefca34705de807a-2Think you know Los Angeles?  Think again.  A most interesting travel book for locals and visitors alike has just been published from the international 111 Places/111 Shops series by Emons Publishers.  “111 Places in Los Angeles That You Must Not Miss” is a compact page-turner, full of unique places to visit in this little town of ours that even the plugged in may not have heard of.  Ever been to the Corita Art Center at Immaculate Heart High School?  Sister Corita Kent taught there and was a Pop Art contemporary of Andy Warhol.  Do you know about the Drum Barracks Civil War Museum in Wilmington? Have you driven down the Musical Road in Lancaster?  Stayed at the Charlie Hotel in West Hollywood connected to Charlie Chaplin?  I thought not.

Each entry is either surprising, reminds you of places you’ve always heard of but haven’t made it to yet, or was highlighted by Huell Howser in an episode that you stumbled on a long time ago.  The authors have serious bona fides (Laurel Moglen has produced for KPCC and KCRW; Julia Posley is an LA native, artist and writer living in Highland Park), and each entry includes a full-page color picture and a well-written and researched description of the venue and its history.  They’ve even thought to add tips for other nearby attractions in the neighborhood of the main entry.  Seriously the best travel book I have seen in a long time.  When I had a review copy of the book on my dining room table, my dog sitter (who loves all things LA) told me she read it cover to cover during one daytime visit and pre-ordered a copy.  It’s that good.

There will be a book launch party on October 29 from 4-7 pm at Audubon Center at Debs Park (4700 N Griffin Ave, Los Angeles, CA 90031).  The authors will be book signing, there will be drinks, appetizers, hikes to Los Nogales native nursery, and a presentation by Carl Baldwin of Velveteria.


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