Haunt Review: Motel 6 Feet Under

Photo courtesy of Motel 6 Feet Under and Horrorbuzz

Photo courtesy of Motel 6 Feet Under and Horrorbuzz

MOTEL 6 Feet Under is located at the Business Expo Center in Anaheim, and is in its second year running. From the sparse exterior with the clever logo and lone zombie slider, you could be dubious of its local acclaim. My first thought was, “Damn, this looks small, very small.” Upon entering, you are asked not to reveal any of the major three spoilers, and I can see why.

Figuring out the secret of Motel 6 Feet Under is like trying to figure out a Chinese Puzzle Box in near darkness. You work in groups of two to four, with the sweet payoff once you get used to things and then blindly wander into the finale. I can tell you that it’s impeccably decorated to said theme of haunted and rickety motel, full of actors and many animatronics, most of which are not off the shelf or recognizable from the Transworld annual Haunters Expo. The place makes great use of darkness and confusion to strip down your guard and make you even more susceptible to the jump scares. I’ve seen variations of the opening scenario plenty of times, but for a stand alone charity haunt, this was exceptionally done and kept me off balance.

Sorry I can’t say more, but I am sworn to secrecy. I thought it was worth the trip to Tustin, just ten minutes away from the Magic Kingdom, and the price didn’t break the bank. If you are willing to go Wednesday through Thursday nights, it’s only $20.00 for two admissions as opposed to the $15.00 each on the weekends. The staff couldn’t be more gracious and you can by some hand-made tchotchkes. The profit from the sales, along with proceeds from the haunt, go to youths in need of career counseling. They also provide scholarships, but I’m a bit hazy on the details. Other than the charity, the best thing about this haunt is that all of the people exiting the labyrinth came out smiling. We did as well. Highly recommended.

Business Expo Center, 1960 S. Anaheim Way, Anaheim 92805

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