Patience’s New Single, “The Pressure”

Patience (Roxanne Clifford of UK indie pop group, Veronica Falls) has released an excellent ’80s-styled synth-pop single called “The Pressure” on Night School Records. The song is wistful and a little melancholy but buoyed along by an infectious beat. It’s swoon-worthy in a way that is reminiscent of Book of Love, but with airier vocals. The limited edition 7″ version, featuring a cover of Roky Erickson’s “Wait For You,” is already sold out. Patience’s previous single “The Church” is equally good, with a hint of a disco beat. Hopefully a full record is coming soon!

Simone Snaith

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Simone Snaith writes young adult and fantasy novels, and sings in the band Turning Violet. A fan of scifi, fantasy, the supernatural and most things from the '80s, she enjoys reviewing music, books and movies. You can read about her own books at
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