Are You Mad as Hell? March it Out at These Rallies

Photo courtesy of Not Our President LA Shutdown

Photo courtesy of Not Our President LA Shutdown

TONIGHT!  Not Our President Los Angeles Shutdown 8pm – 11pm

We are calling for an action in protest of the recent election of Donald Tump. We will not be complacent while oppressive and anachronistic discourse is reaffirmed and propagated. We are organizing this because we feel unsafe and seek to enact change. Do you feel unsafe? how up, bring friends! Pershing Square 532 S Olive St, Los Angeles, California 90013.

Saturday November 12. March in Los Angeles against Trump! 10AM-12NOON

“Donald Trump will be the next President of the United States and the Republicans will control the House of Reps, Senate and Supreme Court. Trump has already promised to deport our families, build a larger wall of death, attack the working class, further criminalize people of color, criminalize a woman’s right to an abortion, attack Muslims, LGBT and much more! It is our time as a movement to unite and fight back against Donald Trump and what he wants to do to this country!

Union del Barrio is calling on ALL organizations and individuals that stand against injustice, against racism, against imperialist war, against fascism, against sexism to JOIN TOGETHER to march to show Trump that LA will not allow his racist/fascist attacks on the working class! Our central message at this action is for us to educate and ORGANIZE in our communities and to prepare for self-defense because we know that Trump’s attacks are coming! There will be MANY organizations present at this action and we call on ALL of you to join an organization so you can help to advance the movement against the fascist Trump administration.

The march will start at MacArthur Park and will end at the US Federal Building in Downtown LA! Bring your banners, posters, flags that represent your countries and movements!! Join the march!!

Saturday November 11 Trump Presidency Means We Organize Harder: Locally 11am

Donald Trump will be inaugurated the 45th President of These Racist, Misogynist , United States of America on January 20, 2017. It is hurtful, scary and all not surprising at the same time, but we must continue to keep fighting.

While many of us will show up today, tomorrow and in the following weeks to the streets, many will also fall victims of emotional burnout and distress. That’s why we must take care of ourselves physically, emotionally and mentally all while elevating our voices.

But we must not lose focus. We must organize. We must act intentionally and purposefully. Please join Brand New City – LA as we release our platform to stop Trump policies in our city. Please invite your friends, family and comrades.

1384 e 56th st Los Angeles 90011 NOTE: You must become a member and fill out a form.

Sunday, November 13 HOLLYWOOD TRUMP PROTEST 11am – 2pm

Participate in a march against racist, sexist, corrupt Trump. Starting at 5453 Hollywood Boulevard, we will walk to the Chinese Theatre in Hollywood. In this 1.8 mile walk, we will show the world that America deserves better. Make a change.

Starbucks (5453 Hollywood Boulevard, Los Angeles) 5453 Hollywood Boulevard, Los Angeles, California 90027



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