Beat Recommends – Ace Frehley At The Saban Theater

Speaking as a KISS Army Recruit since 1976, I have to admit there have been times in recent years that the franchise and its current organization have not always lived up to the high standards we recruits wish to see in leadership. We have sometimes had to question in our hearts, whether our cause was just, and whether our methods were sound. But we have not forgotten the reason we came together in the first place: to stand up for what we believe in.

If you have any memory of that feeling, and recognize the reference to the drum solo from side three of KISS’s Alive!, then you know this: a live appearance by Ace Frehley is a big deal. He doesn’t show up that often, but when he did in 2009, he impressed mightily with a hotshot young band (all of whom wore the Ace makeup, while he stayed out of it), and a great setlist that included tracks from his first-rate solo album, along with newer material and a good helping of KISS classics. He might not have the fireworks show of forty years ago, but for fans of Ace’s inimitable guitar heroics, this is going to be a treat.

Opening the show are Enuff Z’Nuff, who looked like hair rockers when they showed up in the ’80s, but had a way cooler approach based in power-pop than most of that crowd, and LA’s own Smash Fashion, with former Drills singer Roger Deering, always a high-energy addition to any lineup.

Ace Frehley with Enuff Z’Nuff and Smash Fashion at the Saban Theater, Beverly Hills, Friday February 1. Tickets $38 – 68 at Ticletmaster. Also Sunday, January 29 at the Canyon in Agoura.




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