Skaters’ “In Your Head” Video

New York band Skaters have released a quirky video for the single “In Your Head” from their upcoming album Rock And Roll Bye Bye. Directed by Josh Moore and starring Thea Norris as a “Chav Ballerina,” it features the latter sauntering and dancing defiantly through a shopping area in Hull in the UK. (She reminds me of Katie Jarvis from the excellent movie “Fish Tank.”) The song itself is catchy in a mellow way, which a heavy, plodding beat and a buoyant chorus.

The group recently left Warner Brothers Records in order to pursue a more independent career, working with what guitarist Josh Hubbarb calls “DIWOP2,” “similar to that of the ‘DIY’ ethos… [but] short for Do It With Other People Also. We reached out on the internet to people and people got back. Conversations were had, relationships forged and collaborations were born.” The album is due out March 24 on Yonks Records.

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