Music Review: Davey Suicide- “Made From Fire”

The five guys from Unholywood Killafornia that make Davey Suicide work have gone through their share of challenges. Countless tours, face value judgements on appearance and moniker, and a year-and-a-half litigation with their former label that brought band progress to a grinding halt. The bastard children of Rob Zombie, Marilyn Manson, NIN and In This Moment, have come out the other side charred and smoking, but alive and wiping off the ashes ready to continue.

From the beginning, their mantra has been, “There are no limits to what’s possible, unless we take ourselves out of the game.”

The band have made a musical and visual impact fusing glam, punk, industrial, techno and shock rock into a memorable stage-rave experience. Combining bloody pieces of each genre, morphing them into stylized, personalized and customized tales of tenacity and survival.

Along with Davey Suicide, Drayven Davidson, Needlz, Niko Gemini and Derek Obscura complete the brood. Conjured up in 2010, they paid dues in Hollywood when label attention came in 2012, becoming instant road dogs filling a five-year period with 16 tours, with over 330 shows performed across two continents. Sharing stages with Static-X, Wednesday 13 and Orgy, among others, cranking out 2012’s Put Our Trust in Suicide EP, 2013’s self-titled debut LP and the World Wide Suicide LP in ’14. Their new offering is this year’s Made From Fire, now available.

In early 2015, they were sidetracked by a long legal battle over their music with their former label which was settled in August 2016. Later that month, they released the “Rise Above” single, offering a tease from the new record.

Adversity tested their will to continue bringing forth the best material to date, like diamonds forged from prolonged pressure. Made From Fire plays and reads like a bleeding tabloid self-portrait on record of inner demons, indulgences, many unforgettable/unforgivable nights (good & bad) and the ultimate stories of making it to this point, sane.

“Resurrection’s” ambient intro opens the show with a muted, keyboard machine-like rave bringing in “Rise Above.” Suicide says “Get your fists up,” before guitars smash in like electro-razor sharp gripped riffs like buzz saws cutting through bumper cars, smashing into each other.

“Dancing With The Reaper” has death’s fingers pressing down the skin with icy keys, opening skin. The diabolical strut of chance is done on hot coals, like a bullet lined up on a Ouija board, with all the selected deadly fixings.

“No Angel” asks, would you spend one night with me if you knew you’d see me in the afterlife? Assuming they went to the same place. When the eyes of heaven meet the thought patterns of the damned. A dangerous dance of spiritual realms plays out. An emotional slow dance fueled with red-eyed passion and possession.

“Too Many Freaks” featured (Twiztid) preached too many freaks not enough circuses from the city that breathes Babylon and prides itself on performance. Something wicked is always coming and going, with the surplus population not favoring the status quo. Tattooed, raven-haired gothic beauties dance next to nail biting sword-swallower’s under the big top.

“Torture Me” as the S&M sanitized choir start the tale of voluntary masochism. Discomfort by request, painful by design, suffering brings out the best creativity. Physically you can wipe it off but you can’t remove what’s stained inside. Jump down the endless rabbit hole past countless dabblers, players and legends.

Guitars push with assembly line mechanization on “Anti-System Revolution” trying to break apart the mundane robotic train, as Suicide breathes new system life into the broken machine gathering new followers.

“Paralyzed” featuring (William Control) could be their “Coma White.”  There’s “No Place Like Hell,” where the pendulum of negatives and mistakes swipes away at life before you can learn how to start over. Everything life spews and spits is thrown your way with the lingering faint hopeful scent of roses on the other side.

“Devil’s Night” has killer treats ready to be bagged. Molotov cocktail fires burn bright on this all-night kamikaze ride. Armageddon’s the password with a soul-reaping door charge. “Take The Pain Away” asks for one day of peace with guitars scribbling down frustration on the strings out of the brain.

“The Chemical In You” is the artificial road map of scars and marks needle-scrawled on the torso as Suicide shotguns lyrics into the mic and guitars play out temptation.

“Made From Fire” forged in individual flame brought together by common sparks. Blistered and burned to what they are today with a heat spitting tongue and smoking strings.

“End of War” is a closing nod to Mr. Reznor and ‘80s power ballads. The price payed for living a life uncompromised.

Davey Suicide will be direct support to Doyle for the June leg of the Abominate The World Tour starting in Raleigh, NC.

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