“Find Your True Fork” Offers Food-Lifestyle Tourism

For those folks who seek  a temporary vacation from their normal way of doing things, Wanderlust Hollywood and Organic Life have teamed up with author Jeff Krasno to present Find Your True Fork, a series of curated meals corresponding to different “eating lifestyles.” Opening night was dedicated to Sustainable, with upcoming nights dedicated to Vegan, Paleo, Raw, Local and Ayurveda.

Chef Anya Fernald, CEO and co-founder of gourmet meat purveyor Belcampo, gave a brief talk about their natural farming methods and attempts to make life for their farmed animals as stress-free as possible, which they say impacts the flavor of the meat. Having been served her roasted lamb, I can attest – it IS different, some of the most delicate tasting, tender red meat I’ve ever had.

While the ingredients that made up our inedible blood orange and onion salad, and the passable but slightly dry tabbouleh that followed may have been sustainably sourced, they didn’t add up to a great food experience. Had she served nothing but the roasted lamb, Fernald would get a ten out of ten. But a starter course made almost entirely of raw red onion is just not a good idea.

But the concept has merit, even if the menu on the night of our visit needed a major edit. We could all stand to be thoughtful about food and where it comes from, and consider another point of view once in a while. For the price of a nice dinner, and with a buzzy introductory hour of beer, wine and snacks included in the price, you can take a walk on the mindful side.

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