Eclipse Man Heralds in The Total Solar Eclipse Monday

Eclipse Man in Weiser

The upcoming Solar Eclipse will be visible in Los Angeles on Monday, but the biggest buzz is along the path of totality, that area where it becomes a total solar eclipse and the sun disappears completely, only showing the faint corona, a glowing ring around the blacked-out sun. Weiser, Idaho is one of the prime viewing spots and people are going crazy over it. Even NASA is sending people to Weiser with telescopes and cameras.

Artists have been creating various piecess of jewelry, clothing and other items to commemorate the event, but nothing reaches the scope of the Eclipse Man. Metal artist Chuck Lamm spent over 5 months creating the Eclipse Man to welcome the event. Eclipse Man will welcome the darkness and then welcome back the sun as it returns. He’s truly a work of art!

The eclipse in LA will cover just under 70% of the Sun’s diameter and happen over a span of about two and a half hours, starting at 9a.m. and will be at max eclipse around 10:22a.m. and be over by 11:45a.m. According to E.C. Krupp, director of Griffith Observatory, it will look like a tilted smile.

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