LA Beat Writers’ Picks For Echo Park Rising This Weekend

This year’s Echo Park Rising lineup is frankly exhausting just to contemplate. But if you are wandering the streets of Echo Park and unsure where to turn in the moment, here are a few recommendations from our staff.

Your humble editor is most excited by the reunion of Popdefect – only the third time that’s happened since their split in 2000 – at the Echoplex on Saturday at 4:00 PM, and again at Little Joy Cocktails at 8:20. They were practically the house band of my life in the early 90s, always on the bill no matter where I went, even if it was just over to someone’s house, and I was always happy to see them. There’s a heavy Link Wray inspiration, especially in their numerous instrumentals, a teeth-gritting intensity that befits a garage band of Northwestern origin, and a beery exuberance that’s totally contagious.

Here are some other things to keep on your radar through the weekend – don’t forget the sun block, whatever you do! (And check out Mohawk Bend’s special cocktail, Rising Punch with Cutwater Spirits Jamaica Vodka, basil, lime, ginger & hibiscus, served over ice -Elise).

Freedom Fry – Friday, 7:40 PM. Lost Lot Venue.

The Schitzophonics – Friday, 7:40 PM, The Echo

Fartbarf – Friday, Liberty Stage, 5:50 PM

The Cigarette Bums – Friday, 7:00 PM, Short Stop

Alice Bag – Saturday, 7:10 PM, Liberty Stage

Laetitia Sadier – Saturday, 8:30 PM, Echoplex

Egrets on Ergot – Sunday, 11:10 PM, Echoplex

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