‘Logan Lucky’ An Hilarious Comedy from Academy Award Winning Director Steven Soderbergh


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Divorced and desperate for money, unemployed West Virginia coal miner Jimmy Logan (the wonderful Channing Tatum) hatches a wildly elaborate scheme to rob the Charlotte Motor Speedway in neighboring North Carolina during a NASCAR race. He convinces his one-armed bartender brother, Clyde (the super funny, Adam Driver) awn Iraq War vet and car obsessed hairdresser sister, Mellie (Riley Keogh) to join him in the daring heist.

Logan realizes he’s going to need some outside help to pull off this job. This leads him to an eccentric demolition expert Joe Bang (the fantastic Daniel Craig) who he knows is the perfect man for the job.  Only problem is Mister Bang is in prison.

Well that’s not going to stop Jimmy. All he has to do is break Joe Bang out of prison  just long enough to blow the racetrack vault and sneak him bak into jail before the warden (the very funny, Dwight Yoakum) notices he’s missing.  Piece of cake, right?

‘Logan Lucky’ written by first time screenwriter Rebecca Blunt and directed by Steven Soderbergh is over the top funny, super clever, with unique and interesting characters. There’s twists that you won’t seen coming. The supporting cast, including Hilary Swank as an FBI agent, the practically unrecognizable Seth MacFarlane as an arrogant race team owner, Max Chilblain, Brian Gleason and Jack Quaid as Sam and Fish Bang are pitch perfect.

‘Logan Lucky’ opens in theaters, Friday August 18th 2017. Don’t miss it.

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