Weed Review: The Speakeasy 710 Vape Pen & THC Cartridge

One of the challenges with writing reviews of cannabis products is that I have to try to write something while my body and mind are under the effects of cannabis products. I have found marijuana strains that helped me write fluidly and go off on tangents, and others that have been tough to write through, like trying to find words through fog. My experience with trying to write about the Speakeasy 710 vape cartridge and atomizer has been more like complete and utter debilitation. I’ve been having to wait a few minutes to regain my train of thought after every sentence. How bad is it? I started writing this paragraph over three hours ago.

Actually, now that I’ve checked, it’s been more like eight minutes, not three hours. So perhaps I am experiencing the effect of a product that “makes you lose track of time” rather than “stops time completely.”

While the time has been paused, I have enjoyed the experience. I think you’re supposed to stop after one or two puffs, then pause to reflect and re-calibrate. I initially started with a bit more than that and kind of forgot where I was. I didn’t get much writing done, but neither was the time wasted.

Well, heh heh, maybe that time WAS a little bit wasted, as in “I was so waaaaaasted, I was a hippie, I was a burnout, I was so napped out, I was out of my head.” Thank you, Keith Morris. “Napped out” is a good way to put it.

Looking through Speakeasy’s literature and online videos for the 710 system, it’s clear they’re aiming for the user who prefers something classy and high-purity. They want to be a top shelf product. Their vape pen uses a chrome tip, glass cartridge and ceramic heating coil – no plastic anywhere –  and comes with pre-filled cartridges of a 75% THC golden cannabis oil, bright yellow in the cartridge and deliciously sweet in the throat. I held up their cartridge to the light to see if it really is the bright yellow color shown on the website, and it is. Medical users can also get a clear, non-psychoactive CBD oil for the same atomizer.

The 710 is wonderfully discreet, looking rather like a sleek fountain pen at first glance. There’s no wait time once the decision to puff has been made – five clicks of the button and it’s good to go. With practice, you can figure out how many seconds to hold the button down for the right sized hit. The  chrome mouthpiece is part of the cartridge, an ingenious touch, as the device itself feels like it’s built to last, and it’s refreshing to switch out mouthpieces completely once in a while.

To test its true potential for discretion, I went to hear a free-jazz collective perform live after covertly making use of the 710 in the venue’s smoking pavilion. The performance was a mind-blowing one, and no one on the patio gave me so much as a sideways glance as I vaped away, sinking deeper into the music with each puff. Saxophones massaged my spine like ghostly fingers, as I experienced the kind of hyper-focus that sometimes comes with nice concentrates.

One thing that’s interesting about this pure THC vapor, its effects are intense but not especially long-lasting. That initial jolt of disconnection begins to fade into a pleasant full-body high after a few minutes. After half an hour, there’s not much left but a soft, lingering mellowness of spirit. But another puff or two will restore the head to total mindfuck land. It’s interesting being able to precisely control, and maintain, a severe high this way, feeling like, “don’t worry about it… before long, things will be back to normal.”

This product is not useful for Mario Kart racing. It didn’t have a negative effect on scores, I felt pretty alert and on top of my game, but at some point in the tournament I realized that winning was just not worth the effort.

I am quite impressed with the 710’s ability to give a tasty, precisely-dosed hit on demand, and Speakeasy’s THC oil truly is a distillation of high purity and potency. This is a product in the “serious relief” category so my only warning is, try to pace yourself, and if that ends up not working out, just remind yourself the drug will be wearing off soon and listen to some Black Flag to keep you from getting too mellow.

Final rating: Three and a half of Black Flag’s First Four Years.

The fine folks at Speakeasy also sent over some of their 30 mg CBD Sunscreen. I did try it on while running around this weekend, it feels nice on the skin and is all natural, and rated at SPF of 30. Their THC lip balm was also tasty and all-natural, although at 10mg of THC per tube, a guy like me would have to swallow about five tubes of lip balm to get off, and there’s probably a more efficient way to achieve the desired effect. But it works as lip balm just fine.

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    Prices would be a helpful bit.

  2. Three and a half of Black Flag’s first four years!!!

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