Weed Review: XJ-13 By THC Design

Photo of XJ-13 from thcdesign.com.

Maybe I’m not the right kind of nerd, but as I begin my experience with this sativa strain from THC Design, I have no idea what the brand name XJ-13 could possibly be referring to. It sounds vaguely like high tech stuff, the kind of weed robots and supercomputers would smoke. And indeed, the little card that comes with it suggests that supercomputers have already gotten super high on this stuff, because they have computed the specific percentage of THC found inside – 24.63%, which is plenty high.

You can also see a list of the specific terpenes – beneficial compounds good for what ails ya – found in the product down the thousandth of a percent. This is all familiar stuff to regulars at the medical dispensary, but may come as news to folks who are just getting their first peek into the retail market coming to California- you can now choose your bud depending on what you want it to do for you. This particular strain is supposed to be good  if you need a natural analgesic, antiseptic, muscle relaxant or antipsychotic. Frankly, who DOESN’T need all that stuff once in a while?

I have to praise THC Design’s packaging, offering their bud in a glass jar containing a 2-way moisture control packet, which left the flowers at the perfect level of dryness even when stored in a hot room overnight. (Oops.)

Every flower was in perfect condition. The flavor was sweet and pleasant with a mild aftertaste, something that would go nicely with a strawberry-basil lemonade.

As for the head test, XJ-13 passed with flying colors. Its effects are immediate and brain-centered. It is what you might call “energetic”, although since we are talking about weed, the level of energy is relative. But it does have a nice transportive effect. I watched this live video of Pink Floyd playing “Atom Heart Mother” in the South of France, and found myself on the stage at the festival, trying not to bump into Nick Mason’s drum kit, slightly afraid that Roger Waters will give me a dirty look or worse.

It had a similar effect on Mario Kart racing, in which I could physically feel the momentum of those sudden curves at high speed. Unfortunately, those curves are hard to execute while stoned off your gourd. This strain will probably not improve your scores, but it can make the ride more enjoyable. One bowl lasts a good three tournaments.

A few more seconds of research on the net reveals that this is a hybrid of two distinct strains: G-13 Haze,  and Jack Herer, which I like, because I once met Jack Herer, the dude, in a head shop that he used to own. He was a true believer and a trippy guy, almost too intense to hold a conversation with, but I couldn’t help but like him. I can’t recall ever having tried his namesake strain before, but this hybrid is exactly what I would have expected from the man –  some good shit.

Oh, and also, I learned that an XJ-13 is a type of Jaguar automobile, and thus the brand name confers exclusivity and high performance.

So that would appear to explain the the mysterious title… but what does the “13” in the original “G-13” refer to? Hmmm… after another hit… I’m thinking we stoners can live comfortably with a little mystery in our lives. I’m gonna race Mario Karts.

Final Grade: 12 out of 15 Pink Floyd albums.


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  1. M is the 13th letter of the alphabet

  2. Very good review and I’m a huge fan of Jack Herer strain. We carry CBD Vapes with Jack Herer terps at http://www.chiliheads.biz

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