The Impossibly Delicious Impossible Burger!

The Impossible Burger photo by Billy Bennight

I caught wind of the Impossible Burger from a friend a day before I received an email offering the chance to experience the Impossible Burger at a special launch at The Counter in Santa Monica. My friend’s recommendations was glowing, and knowing that they love meat, yet were satisfied with a meatless burger, was sufficient praise to drive me to The Counter. The new meatless wonder combines nature and science to create a burger that’s good for both people and the planet. The Impossible Burger lessens the negative environmental impact on the planet by reducing water usage, greenhouse gasses and land exploitation/erosion. My culinary curiosity was piqued by an ecologically friendly food using innovative technology so diners could enjoy something seemingly impossible!

I found my seat at The Counter and was promptly greeted and offered a menu. There are two options offered for the Impossible Burgers. One was the Impossible Salad, and another with the Impossible Burger on an english muffin. Both looked appetizing, but I opted for the make your own burger option, because I am particular about the ingredients. Besides, The Counter has always offered the ability to build your own burger, and the concept is part of their original mission, which started back in 2003.

I ordered up a combination of my favorite ingredients/condiments from over 85 different choices. I steamed ahead, choosing a pretzel bun, garlic aïoli, jalapenos, grilled red onions, red onions, organic mixed greens, avocado and bacon. I also added a side of  friend onion strings with my beer. My mouth was watering and this combination to me sounded like heaven on earth!

When my order arrived, it looked unimaginably divine as the waitress set it in front of me. As I bit into The Impossible I found all the praise and anticipation blended into a full mouth of deliciousness! It was gloriously good as the meatiness of the Impossible burger blended with the other ingredients for a fantasy burger come true. The texture rang true for meat, and the burger itself offered a robust meatiness I haven’t had in any vegetarian burger before.

For anyone who is looking to satisfy their meat craving, this is an excellent choice that tastes great, is nutritious and helps the planet. The Impossible Burger is something vegans and vegetarians can look to for a credible non-meat choice to add the their diet. Bite after bite, the burger was a wow! I was left full and satisfied many hours after my meal. The Counter and many other establishments are offering the Impossible Burger on their menus for the curious, the adventurous and those who want to limits their red meat intake. Here the link to the Impossible Food website to find you perfect spot of discovery of this new amazing new food creation!

Billy Bennight

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