See/Saw: An Immersion into a Magician’s Mind extended through Oct 29

Magician Siegfried Tieber has been getting quite a bit of press lately for his current project, a magic ‘pop-up’ of sorts called See/Saw: An Immersion Into a Magician’s Mind, produced by Atlas Obscura.

During the roughly two-hour event, a personable and friendly Tieber draws the crowd (limited to 20 per show) around his table and regales them with history (of magic, and of his career trajectory) and stories, all the  while performing sleight of hand card tricks that continually make the crowd gasp, as it did when I attended See/Saw at the end of September. Tieber wants to dazzle and amaze certainly, but he also wants to open a dialogue with audiences about magic and our evergreen attraction to it, from Houdini to David Blaine.

Watching a magic show in such an intimate setting is very special and I highly recommend it, even for the casual fan.  Held twice nightly in a small room at Civic Center Studios in DTLA, even finding the place adds to the mystery – through a parking lot, down a short alley and up a flight of dim stairs lit with candles, you can grab a drink and choose a view you hope will reveal his secrets. Add a pair of identical twins (ala The Shining) making announcements simultaneously, and you are in full AHS mode.

Tieber is engaging, earnest and dazzlingly talented – it’s no wonder he beat Penn and Teller at their own game on the show Fool Us. See/Saw is currently extended through October 29th.

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