Roky Erickson At The Roxy Theater 10.28.17

All Photos By Deb Frazin

Last weekend I was blessed with a photo pass and ticket to the sold-out Roky Erickson show at The Roxy Theater. I’m a huge Roky fan, and I’ve never had the opportunity to see him play live before, so I was excited for this show. The band sounded incredible, and Roky’s voice made my heart melt throughout the entire show. Even though he didn’t play the two songs I wanted to hear the most (“She Lives In a Time of Her Own” and “Slip Inside This House”), he did play all the other songs I wanted to hear, so I was ecstatic. And yes, there was a band member playing the electric jug! The standout song was “Reverberation”, and the crowd went crazy when Billy Gibbons from ZZ Top walked onstage and joined Roky for the finale “You’re Gonna Miss Me”. It was a very special night.

You can watch Roky performing “Levitation” below (please excuse the mishap in the middle – a friend distracted me as I was filming).

Deb Frazin

About Deb Frazin

Deb Frazin is a photographer based in Los Angeles with a focus on DTLA street photography and punk rock culture. Her work has been published in photography books, on album covers, and has been featured in numerous publications including The Los Angeles Times. You can find her now in Razorcake.
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