Gingerdead House and Krampus Maze Holiday Haunt: Oh, The Ho Ho Horror!

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I’m not the kind of guy that winces when people say “Happy Holidays” over Merry Christmas. I’m a more inclusive type of guy anyway, and will gladly shout out Merry Christmas, Happy Hannukkah, Happy Kwanzaa, Have a cool yule and Happy Halloween…WHAT? Yes, for some people, the scares just never stop.

Two families in the effects business have extended their love of all things scary, and invite you into their backyard at a private residence for a night of candy canes and good old-fashioned jump scares. When we arrived, everyone was parked on the porch, sipping on cocoa and listening to a groovy but somber version of “We Wish You A Merry Christmas.” But the kids scampered inside the maze to get into position while the adults asked how we heard about the house and if we were ready to get scared?

As we enter, the tall Krampus guy leads into the first scene of evil elves crawling out of a chimney through the twists and curves of a chain link fence covered with white sheets and black plastic. This is strictly DIY stuff done mostly by the kids, but it’s real cute and has lots of heart. More importantly, everyone has learned the usefulness of a leftover Halloween mask and a bean shaker. It did get a bit dark at one point, and then we were pelted with sudsy fake snow. We jumped and laughed a lot.nR and J Haunt Props and Vandal Image Productions put on the holiday haunt as a way to get toy donations and money for the needy, but technically it’s free.

If Whittier is too far for you to visit, I understand, but if you go with a friend I can guarantee at some point, like the Ghost Of Christmas Future, you’ll say, “Remember the crazy little Xmas haunted house we went to?”

The doors open four more times over the next two weekends on Dec. 16th and 17th, plus Dec. 22nd and 23rd.

Gingerdead House and Krampus Maze Holiday Haunt 13323 Lakeland Road. Whittier CA. 90605.

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