watt’s picture of the week – monday, february 5, 2018

look what I found tied up at berth fortysix in the outer harbor here by my pedro town: the marmac 303 (also known as “just read the instructions” – I shit thee not) which is an autonomous spaceport drone ship (asds) used by spacex to recover their launch vehicles that take from the pacific ocean side of the country. trippy seeing it here the last four or five days cuz where she usually is where spacex leases land from the port of los angeles, berths fiftyone to fiftythree. trippy too is that it’s painted w/a shark mouf on the bow and a four clover on the aft blast guard (port side).

by the way, berth fortysix is where the s.s. sansinea blew up in 1976, the same year d boon, me and georgie graduated san pedro high.

photo by mike watt

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