‘A Quiet Place’ – If They Hear You, You Will Most Definitely Die


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‘A Quiet Place,’ directed by John Krasinski, who also wrote the script along with Bryan Woods and Scott Beck, is one of the most terrifying and original horror films I’ve ever seen.

Imagine giving birth without making a sound. Imagine a world where the slightest noise could mean your death. Imagine a world where gigantic blind monsters with razor sharp teeth will gobble you up in a matter of seconds. This is the world of  ‘A Quiet Place.’

When the film opens, we meet The Abbotts, a family of four that are doing everything possible to survive an alien menace that has devastated much of the globe. They live on a vast farm equipped with a sound proof basement and a grain silo. The mother, Evelyn (the fantastic Emily Blunt), is pregnant and due in three weeks.

The father, Lee (the excellent John Krasinski), spends most of his time trying to repair his daughter Regan’s Cochlear implant with scavenged parts he finds on his rare forays into the abandoned town.

Regan is played by the wonderful deaf actress Millicent Simmonds from ‘The Wonder.’ She blames herself for the death of her younger brother a year earlier. Her relationship with her father is strained, adding to the tension of the film.

The family communicates in sign language, walks around bare foot and every day Lee pours fresh sand around the property so he can keep track of how many creatures are close by.  Everything this family does is about survival.  The father insists that his son (Noah Jupe) come with him on his fishing treks so he can learn what he needs to survive in case he becomes the man of the house.

Every second of this film will have you sitting on the edge of your seat. It’s absolutely gripping and filled with enormous tension even during the rare tender moments between Krasinski and Blunt.

‘A Quiet Place’ opens on Friday, April 6th and it’s definitely a must see.

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  1. Susan says:

    Sounds great…love your reviews! For me a must see.

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