Daikokuya is Shaking Things up in Little Tokyo

Exterior of Daikokuya/Hachioji

Today, seekers of famed ramen house Daikokuya in Little Tokyo were met with a locked door and a closed sign. An employee sat outside on a folding chair, his one assignment for the day to point the stricken diners a few doors down to 313 East 1st Street, where Daikokuya has temporarily relocated its entire operation. There is no construction or flooding at the original location at 327 1st Street; they just want to get the new place up and running, because…

They are opening a second ramen house!

Some of the restaurant’s chefs are currently in Japan studying the art of ramen and learning new methods of preparation. On May 9, Daikokuya will return to its familiar spot, and the excited chefs will bring all of their new ideas to Hachioji Craft Ramen. The new ideas may also influence Daikokuya, but they are expecting it to remain the same.

Meanwhile, you can still cozy down in familiar wooden booths and slurp down the tonkatsu you crave while grandmothers smile down benevolently at you from the posters on the walls.

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