Pot Party! Where To Find Legal Weed Events in LA – April 2018 Edition

Cannabliss Retreat – April 19-24

“Pot party” hardly seems sufficient to describe this immersive six-day event in the hills of Malibu with a strong focus on the medical and health-conscious use of cannabis. Imagine a New Age retreat as hosted by the Fabulous Furry Freak Brothers.

Attendees will be instructed by Dr. Ira Price on the appropriate medical use of the plant and receive an “official KANNA-KARE certification”. There will be “sativa-infused fitness experiences”, stony yoga sessions, hot tubs, massage, energy healing, hiking in the Malibu Hills, and something called a “sound bath” that sounds like something I want to take immediately after getting high. There will be workshops on how to grow your own, and how to cook with it. There will not only be weed in the food, there will be “flower pairings” offered with the meals. Think about anything you might do while on vacation at a retreat in the Malibu Hills, and then getting high beforehand.

And if six days feels like a little much, you can always show up for the “4/20 Celebration” on Friday, for which single-day tickets are being sold. Vape bars and lots of product sampling would seem to be the order of the day, with sponsors including the estimable Grass Valley operation Bloomfield. In addition to the usual activities, there will be a big  BBQ, cannabis-infused of course, and a live performance from world music artists Stellamara.

Visit their website for more info, or head over to Eventbrite to see the different packages available or buy single day tickets for 4/20.

High Times Cannabis Cup – April 20-22

It’s about time we started to have some BIG weed-friendly concerts in So Cal. With the headliners at the NOS Center in San Bernardino including Nas, Raekwon, Lupe Fiasco, Lil Wayne and Rick Ross, this is going to be a big-deal gig for hip-hop fans.

More info and tickets at their website.

Marijuana Madness – The True Story of Marijuana Prohibition in the Jazz Era – April 26

The folks at Grassfed and The Art Of Edibles have been presenting interesting gigs for the last year and a half in LA. Their latest sounds like a gas – a 1920s era cabaret and burlesque show with live band called the Mad Reefers, enhanced by a weed vape bar right next door.  This edition will be at Harvelle’s blues club in Santa Monica, which should be location for such a soiree.

Get tickets at Eventbrite.





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