Miles Electric Band will Make Magic at the 40th Anniversary of The Playboy Jazz Festival

Miles Electric Band at the Playboy Jazz Festival

This year is the 40th anniversary of the Playboy Jazz Festival at the Hollywood Bowl and, it so happens that there’s a synergy taking place here as Miles Electric Band will be playing on the Hollywood Bowl stage to honor Miles Davis and this venerable institution on that night.

This synergy between Miles Davis and Playboy happened many years ago when Hugh Hefner put Miles Davis in the magazine as the first Playboy-branded music story, and it’s happening again for the Playboy Jazz Festival 40th anniversary!

Miles Electric Band is a progressive All-star line consisting of:  on Trumpet, Vince Wilburn Jr. on Drums, Debasish Chaudhury on Tabla, Greg Spero on Keys, Robert Irving on Piano/Keys, Dwayne Thomas Jr. (Mono Neon) on Bass and (Blackbyrd) Dwayne McKnight on Guitar, for this year’s performance.

The highly eclectic group was put together by Vince Wilburn, Jr. (bandleader/drummer) with the intention to continue expanding the boundaries of music and still pay homage to classics. This is a rotating ensemble of master musicians who will feature Davis’ repertoire from the electric period and will pay homage to The Chief! 

Hugh Hefner’s son, Cooper Hefner, will be officiating and leading with remarks honoring his father, who wholeheartedly embraced the art form of jazz, and to pay homage to both legendary figures on the 40th Anniversary of the Playboy Jazz Festival. The evening will feature funky and electric jams from the late 1960s to the ‘80s: including, Bitches Brew and You’re Under ArrestA special multi-media tribute will take place following Miles Electric Band’s performance to crown this memorable night.

The 40th Anniversary of the Playboy Jazz Festival will be a night of honoring to legends and formidably impressive night of Jazz performances celebrating the 40th Anniversary of the Playboy Jazz Festival!

Miles Electric Band will be kicking out the jams at 7 p.m., Friday, June 9, 2018, and tickets are available here.

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