Weed Review: Uplift and Rewind Disposable Vape Pens by Aces Extracts

Aces Extracts’ disposable line of vape pens has been getting some attention in recent days, scoring top marks at this spring’s Oakland Cannabis Club (#1 for Peoples’ Choice Vape and #2 Overall Vape). Upon first taste, it’s easy to see why – their cigarette shaped vape device, ready to toke upon opening, delivers a powerful “throat hit”  that customarily is felt when ingesting massive bongloads. It’s one of those subtle sensory experiences associated with smoking pot the old fashioned way, that most vape pens cannot replicate, and don’t try to. And the flavor sticks around in the mouth for a while as the hit comes on, another nice touch. In these ways it is perhaps the closest thing yet to a vape pen that feels, aesthetically, kind of like hitting a joint.

Part of the way this experience is achieved comes from the blending of terpene extracts with the THC oil, in order to achieve the effects advertised in the name. As you might expect, Unwind is the sleepy-indica oil with a touch of citrus, while Uplift is a sativa-dominant hybrid with a eucalyptus flavor. Both have the effect of lingering on the tongue, which makes you think about the hit you just took, and this mental reinforcement contributes to making you even more high.

This is happening to me as I write this piece, having just hit the Unwind more than once.  My fingers appear to be curling into flames momentarily as I let my eyes go out of focus. It’s not making me hallucinate, exactly, but just sort of, visualize what hallucination would be like. Which is still kind of heavy. Don’t worry though, we’re going to listen to Flower Travellin’ Band and ride the fucker out.

Indeed, the heaviness has passed by the end of the song, and by the time we get to Part 3,  I’m ready to hit it again. One thing about concentrates, I tend to get a tolerance for them quickly.

The device itself works very well, I didn’t have any trouble with blocked air flow or battery life. I brought it into a concert, and had no trouble getting it through security, and no dirty looks from my neighbors as I puffed on it. It’s not totally odorless but nearly so – certainly nowhere near as noticeable lighting up.

As to whether they achieved their respective goals of helping me wither Unwind, or Uplift… Yes they did! How much of that is down to the oil itself as opposed to the terpene fortification is hard to say. I can tell you this, the conventional wisdom is that indicas tend to be relaxing and sleepy, while sativas tend to be more active and promoting of creativity, and sure, that gets reflected in their concentrates. I tend to be a fan of the mellowing properties of indica concentrates, and the Unwind pen is a potent one. Uplift was the one I liked using on weekend mornings, ready to rise and shine, and take on the day, with just a little extra cushioning on the seat.

The Unwind did not have a positive effect on Mario Kart scores, instead I found myself aimlessly wandering the track trying to figure out how to get pointed back in the right direction. No product is perfect.

It also feels like a little goes a long way. Their reservoir holds .3 grams instead of the customary half-gram found in a cartridge for around the same price. But my pens felt like they lasted a good long time, and it’s nice never worrying about a battery charge.

My overall feeling about concentrates hasn’t changed – use them too much and you build up a tolerance so quickly that you stop getting high. I still recommend that daily users switch off between hash oil and some good flower, in order to avoid burning out. As with most things, moderation is key.

Aces Extracts’ disposable vape pens are definitely one of the better vapes I’ve had, disposable or otherwise, for both delivery and potency. I recommend giving them a try.



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  1. Thanks a lot for sharing the information about the disposable vapes.

  2. cilicon says:

    Thanks to you, I finally found a vape pen for me! (im using dispensary carts and looks like this bad boy can handle them all)

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