Montalbán Theatre Hosts New Outdoor Film Series with Umami Burger

The Montalban Theatre in Hollywood is in the middle of its 2018 film screening schedule as part of its 2018 Montalbán Summer Movie Series. From now through October 31, 2018, watch classic movies from various decades on the roof this classic theater.  Comfortable deck chairs are set out and viewers are encouraged to use supplied headphones to hear the dialog, though there are monitors on low volume for when you have to get up.  There is a bar with a limited cocktail menu, candy, and popcorn, and Umami Burger has an outpost featuring their Impossible Burger and other items.

To get there you have to climb a set of iron stairs on the side of the building, and the bathroom can be accessed halfway way up.  Films run five nights a week, Tuesday through Saturday, with two screenings on Friday and Saturday (with some exceptions, check the schedule for updated information). Doors open at 6:00 p.m. and films start screening 10 minutes after sunset. Prices are $10, $15 or $18.

On a warm summer night, you can do worse than catching a flick on the roof while gazing at the iconic neon signs of Hollywood. It’s a fun and unique experience.

A complete movie schedule can be found here:


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