‘Vixen DeVille’ Reveals All, Yet Retains Mystery

Vixen DeVille (Cat LaCohie) of Vixen DeVille Revealed at the Lounge Theatre, June 17, 2018. (Photos by Monique A. LeBleu)

SHOW DATE UPDATE: January 24, 2019 (see below)

Although Vixen DeVille aka Cat LaCohie is sexy, warm, welcoming, energetic and embarrassingly gifted in a wide variety of talents, she is also self-deprecating, tough-as-nails, and incredibly funny.

Winner of the 2018 Best International, Soaring Solo Artist and Encore Awards, as well as Nominated for Best of Cabaret & Variety, at the Hollywood Fringe Festival, LaCohie’s show “Vixen DeVille Revealed” is first and foremost definitely an adult show. But it’s also immensely entertaining, comical, and even educational, with occasional moments of heartbreaking truth.

Assisted with a “kitten” and audience participants, Vixen DeVille, combines glass walking, fire-eating, magic, aerial, video, comedy, body confidence, truth and burlesque into a mind-blowingly sexy-fun show.

Dotted with video elements that document both the high and low points that have made Vixen DeVille a divine and fearless persona, LaCohie uses them to transition between the various pieces in the show. A British actress, model, aerialist, burlesque performer, show host, and seeker of all-things-taboo-shattering, LaCohie tightly mixes her combined talents into a tasty 50 minutes.

Between acts, LaCohie, tells her story on her hurtles through life’s obstacles, on coming out of her shell, and on falling into self-love, while encouraging us all to do the same.

Sound deep? It is a little. But aside from the occasional self-deprecation, truth-slinging, comedy, magic, and sideshow performances, there are also large swaths of super-sexy burlesque bits.

A unique highlight in the show when audience members who choose the VIP ticket option are invited to participate in brief lessons on fire-eating and/or glass walking during the show. These moments are chair-edge riveting, as—after fresh glass is smashed before us—apprehensive participants trepidatiously attempt to tread the glass, or place a lit torch within their mouths.

Scary as it sounds, LaCohie adroitly manages to make everyone, including those of use nervously watching on, feel safe and that all will be well. The process is exciting.

Vixen DeVille (Cat LaCohie) of Vixen DeVille Revealed at the Lounge Theatre.

In another exciting moment, LaCohie — who makes all her own costumes and teaches the How-To’s — dons an outfit that could turn Red Sonja green with envy, wielding steel swords and heavy metal chains with power and verve in an amazing act that engages with an audience participant to a surprising finish.

Playful and fun, everything together makes for a very fast hour of entertainment. In the end, you will leave the theater feeling better about yourself than you would have ever imagined after a burlesque show. In fact, Vixen DeVille will demand that of you. Be prepared to submit.

UPDATED: January 24, 2019

Vixen DeVille Revealed” ONE NIGHT ONLY show is Friday, January 25, 2019, at 8 p.m. at the Whitefire Theatre SOLOFEST, 13500 Ventura Boulevard, Los Angeles, CA 91423. Tickets.

LaCohie also teaches classes at the Madilyn Clark Studios in North Hollywood.


Vixen DeVille Revealed” is Saturday, July 7, 2018, at 10 p.m. at The Lounge Theatre 6201 Santa Monica Blvd. in Hollywood. LaCohie also performs and hosts MUSE Burlesque Show as Vixen DeVille tomorrow, Sunday, July 8, 2018, at The Copper Door, at 225 1/2 N. Broadway, in Santa Ana.




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