Go See The Scientists Tonight or Regret it Forever!

The Scientists are a post-punk garage-y rock band from Perth, Australia. They are currently on their first-ever US tour. Even though they formed in the 70s, this is the first time they are playing in America, and maybe the last time for all we know.

Last night at The Zebulon they blew my mind and transported me to that wonderful state where there are no politics, no bills, no job, no worries; there is only the music.

I can definitely hear their influence on Clawhammer and Mudhoney and maybe even the Schizophonics. Their sound is heavy with a head-banging beat, sludgy, but not so sludgy as to lose the melody, with occasional twangy or high soaring guitars. The singer, Kim Salmon is soulful and fully in the music. When some singers shout it feels contrived, but when Kim Salmon wails and howls, you know it comes from deep within and it is real.

Go see them at The Zebulon tonight! It’s only $25. The band starts late. You can arrive at 10:30 PM. They played until a quarter til one. It is worth losing sleep! It is worth being groggy tomorrow! Hell, call in sick! This is a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity!


Elise Thompson

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