Today: The Running of the Clowns in Old Pasadena

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Running with the bulls in Pamplona was on my bucket list until I discovered that they only let men run and they torture the bulls to make them that frenzied. Now, Pasadena, that wacky city that brings you the Doo Dah Parade, is going to help you check that one off of your list. Today is the fifth annual Running of the Clowns from 4 P.M. until 7 P.M. For some people, clowns are a lot scarier than angry bulls, but there is a much lower risk of being gored. And the clowns aren’t tortured, so it’s much more humane.

You can either be a runner or be a clown. Participants meet across from the Memorial Park Gold Line Station. From there, the clowns will be chasing runners through the alleys of Old Pasadena, which is where viewers should gather. If you want to be a runner, wear the traditional white shirt and pants with a red kerchief. If you will be running as a clown, wear traditional clown attire, no scary clowns. It’s a tough choice. Clowns are hampered by those clumsy giant shoes and they are forbidden from carrying anything scarier than a horn, so it might be easier to be a runner, but much more fun to dress as a clown.

A whistle will alert the runners to take off, following a route that is outlined in the link below. 10 seconds later a starting horn will sound for the clowns to chase. Streets with traffic will be considered a “time out” where all chasing ceases and you must act like good citizens. In the alleys, go as fast as you can without knocking over passerby.

Everyone will meet up afterward at Dog Haus. It is recommended that you take the Gold Line. For spectators, please take as many pictures and videos as possible.

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    How do I manage to miss this. Every. Single. Year!?

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