NAIC Pow Wow Tomorrow at Grand Park!

If you have never been to a Pow Wow, you have a treat in store for you! Come celebrate the 3rd Annual LACCNAIC Pow Wow at Grand Park.

Enjoy the elaborate feather costumes of the Fancy Dancers, a dance which developed for “Wild West” shows when tribal dancing was outlawed. The Hoop Dancing is mesmerizing, as are The Gourd Dance and Rain Dance—and Lord knows we need the rain! Visit the arts and crafts booths with the usual jewelry and drums, as well as innovative new artworks.

Make sure you get an Indian Fry Bread before you leave. You can order it topped with honey, or berries and whipped cream, or for a nice lunch, have it topped with ground beef, cheese and lettuce, which is known as an Indian Taco.

No drugs or alcohol. Who needs anything else when you have Indian Tacos? The bleachers are usually reserved for the dancers. Stand during the Indian National Anthem (The American flag will be raised), and it is polite to ask before taking pictures.

The LACCNAIC Pow Wow is sponsored by the Los Angeles City/County Native American Indian Commission and it is a meeting of many nations. Be sure to bring low folding chairs or blankets to sit on. Parking is available at Music Center on Grand Avenue and Broadway (between 1st and Temple) Take the free shuttle from the parking lots to the Pow Wow grounds at Grand Park.

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