Noname Room 25 Tour – Review and Photo Gallery

Noname at the Wiltern. Photo by Genesia Ting for the Los Angeles Beat.

Noname is an artist that hides in plain sight. With a small yet dedicated following that is growing by the day, she’s solidified her position as a successful independent artist. I was lucky enough to see her on the Telefone Tour two years ago, and equally as lucky to see her again on the Room 25 Tour, this time to a sold-out crowd at the Wiltern.

With poignant lyrics and tongue-in-cheek jokes, Noname creatively pulls together verses like no other rapper in the industry today. “Blaxploitation” and “Prayer Song” touch upon more serious issues, while “Regal” and “Ace” touch on her more playful side. She performed a mix of songs from both the Telefone and Room 25 albums, and even brought out Phoelix to perform a few together.

Check out our photos from the show below:

Genesia Ting

About Genesia Ting

Genesia Ting is a product designer by day and concert photographer by evening. She enjoys discovering new eateries in the Los Angeles area, hiking by the coast, and exploring different parts of LA.
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