Pliny the Younger is Coming to Burbank to Make All of Your Beer-related Valentines Dreams Come True!

Pliny the Younger (Photo by Euge Lee)

Tomorrow afternoon, just in time for Valentines Day, Pliny The Younger will be premiering on tap at Burbank craft beer bar and mecca for vegan sausages, Tony’s Darts Away on Magnolia. Tickets will be handed out on a first come first serve basis starting at 11:00 am and allows you to buy one 6oz glass of Pliny the Younger for $6 or a $10 pour and souvenir glass to take home. pour per person between opening time at noon and 8:00pm.

Pliny The Younger, a hop-forward Triple IPA,  is the most beloved of Russian River Brewing Co’s creations, earning a score of 100 from But it only comes to town once a year in February, and supply is always extremely limited, and of course the fact that it can’t be had makes it completely irresistible. The super-fresh beer is meant to be served as soon as the keg arrives, and that freshness is what makes Pliny the Younger special. Almost every drop of it gets consumed less than a week after being made. According to food and drink writer Oh HC So, “For hoppier beers, fresher is generally better since the flavor compounds break down pretty fast.”

Other beers from Russian River Brewing will also be available at Thursday’s “Plinytines Day” at Tony’s Darts Away so you can try out Pliny the Elder Double IPA, Shadow of a Doubt Imp Porter and Supplication Pinot Noir BA Sour w/ cherries.

We won’t argue with anyone who thinks this is an awful lot of fooferaw over a god damned beer, but neither would we try to talk its advocates down. Some things are just better than others. For those about to rock, we salute you.

If Tony’s Darts Away isn’t right across the street like it is for us, there are a few other places you can hunt down (and wait in line for) the much sought-after brew.

2/15 Mohawk Bend in Echo Park

2/16 Blue Palms Brewhouse in Hollywood – February 16th

2/18 Beachwood BBQ & Brewing Long Beach

2/20 The Daily Pint Santa Monica

2/21 The Surly Goat West Hollywood

1/23 The Bottle Room in Whittier

1/23 Lucky Baldwin’s Pub in Old Town Pasadena – February 23rd

1/24 Lucky Baldwin’s Trappiste in Pasadena

3/2 Lucky Baldwin’s Delirium & Café in Sierra Madre

For more info and updates check out Hopped L.A.’s Plinywatch.

Elise Thompson contributed to this post.

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