Redd Kross Plays “Born Innocent” at The Janet Housden Benefit

All Photos: Deb Frazin

Tonight the original 1982 line-up of Redd Kross played the “Born Innocent” album for a very lucky sold-out crowd at The Echo. This special show was a benefit to help fellow ex-band member Janet Housden offset her medical expenses after her battle with cancer last year.

Jeff McDonald, Steven Mcdonald, Tracy Lea and Janet Housden played a blistering, super fun set for all of us old punks who grew up listening to Born Innocent (it was like a family reunion tonight). I felt like a rotten punk rock kid all over again. If only we could’ve all gone to The Atomic Cafe afterwards.

Janet bashed the shit out of her drums as the band tore through Redd Kross classics “Linda Blair”, “Charlie”, “Look On Up At the Bottom”, “Solid Gold”, etc. It was a beautiful thing to see our dear friend up there playing with her old bandmates again, cancer-free, obviously having a blast. We love you Janet!


Deb Frazin

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Deb Frazin is a photographer based in Los Angeles with a focus on DTLA street photography and punk rock culture. Her work has been published in photography books, on album covers, and has been featured in numerous publications including The Los Angeles Times. You can find her now in Razorcake.
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