Album Review: Bella Novela’s High Energy “Incinerate”

Long Beach-based Bella Novela are a trio that blend melodic metal with ’70s & ’80s rock, spearheaded by singer Jackie Laws’ powerful voice. Their songs are well-crafted blasts of drums (Jannea McClure), riffs and harmonizing guitar solos (Jacob Heath) that lay bare their Iron Maiden influence. That said, the tracks on their new album Incinerate are also tuneful and sometimes even catchy, such as the upbeat “Tides” and the pretty “Loved Ones”—a highlight for sure. The second half of the record is perhaps the strongest, with “Haunted’s” strong dynamic changes and impeccable solos, and the touches of Thin Lizzy on the otherwise ominous “Faster Than Lightning.” But opening track “The Reckoning” is dramatic and sets the tone for the album, and “Darkest Hour” offers a mystical, slow-burning intro and atmosphere that calls to mind Heart.

Bella Novela’s album release show is at Alex’s Bar this Saturday (4/6/19) with Fartbarf. Recommended! Here’s a video of “Telemetry” from their 2014 album of the same name:

Simone Snaith

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