Michelob ULTRA to Build Cat Parks in Los Angeles

Cat Park by Tom Holland

It’s an unfortunate fact that due to heavy traffic, chemicals and other dangers we now must keep our animal companions indoors to keep them safe. There are dog parks everywhere, but what about cats? Michelob ULTRA has been designing a variety of parks and are nearly there in spite of numerous setbacks.

In the first iteration the cats did not take to the swingset, although they were adept at the monkey bars. And we would rather not talk about the sandbox. Next, the scientists purchased thousands of dollars of cat toys and cat trees only to find that the 100 cats in the experiment ignored the expensive toys and all crammed themselves into a single cardboard box. The third attempt involved catnip and the release of 1000 feeder mice into the netted-off park. Lawsuits are pending and footage of the mayhem has been destroyed.

Check the calendar! It’s April Fool’s Day! Michelob ULTRA has pledged to donate $1 “for every comment or reshare of the post to North Shore Animal League America for their current expansion project building a new feline adoption center with cage-free habitats for the cats and Twitter kittens.” So do it for the cats at Michelob ULTRA’s Instagram  Twitter and Facebook pages.

The LA Beat doesn’t push products. We are not corporate shills. But The LA Beat really likes kittens. And we REALLY like Tom Holland’s picture. Did we mention that Michelob ULTRA has only 2.6 carbs?

No actual cats or mice were harmed during the making of this post.

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