Darby-que: Recipes to Help You Grill Like a Punk

D. Boon (Photo courtesy of Linda Kite)

It may be weirdly rainy out there right now, but today is the official start of barbecue season. Southern California punkers differ from most other punks because we not only go out in the daytime, we frequently hold barbecues. Some of our local musicians are as skilled with a Weber Grill as they are with a Les Paul. Even now, more than 30 years after his untimely death, people still talk about D. Boon’s barbecue sauce. So we are presenting D. Boon’s orange sauce for chicken along with a few other recipes from some stellar punk musicians to start your summer off right.

D. Boon (Minutemen): Equal parts frozen orange juice concentrate and ketchup. Add salsa and cilantro. (Courtesy of Linda Kite).

Dave Childs (Lawndale): about 4 oz beer, 1 oz soy sauce, one tablespoon sesame oil, a couple of scoops of peanut butter, chopped onion, some pepper and Paul Prudhomme spice. Work the peanut butter into the other liquids using a spoon against the bowl. It should be liquified. After marinating for 30-60 mins, Bbq, and occasionally pour sauce on the meat while cooking.

Tony (Adolescents): Soak the chicken in lemon juice–pick a few from the tree and cut in some cilantro, and a little seasoned salt is fine. a few hours then parcook it and boom! Really, I just throw on peppers and tomato and just eat it. I like to put in pineapple juice too with the chicken, but my family are allergic.

…OK, I thought on it more. we squeeze in tangerines from the tree too. lemon to tangerine 3:1

Steve McDonald (Redd Kross, OFF!): Once we went to the sports bar in El Segundo that Paul Stanley and Gene Simmons own named Rock and Brews. To our astonishment Alfie ate all of his bbq chicken,.. he’s super picky! We asked the waitress for the bbq sauce recipe, she told us it was from Costco. Now I grill Alfie chicken slathered in this stuff almost every night. Of course we call it – KISS Chicken…Ken’s Classic Barbeque Sauce.

Duke Seino (White Flag): I keep it simple… Ribeye steak, olive oil and butter, Himalayan salt and peppercorn…Now here’s the trick… It is VERY important to let the steaks rest for 5 minutes once off the grill… There is a trick to the tenderness (rare, medium rare, etc… It’s based on your hand… You can google it…)… It’s important to let it rest though… The heat from the grill permeates through the rest of the steak and continues to cook… During this process, the juices inside do not dry out… You end up with really juicy meat… I do the same with sausages as well…

Special thanks to Dave Markey (Sin 34)  for coming up with the pun in the title.

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