Foster the Kittens: Heaven on Earth Rescue has the Furry Companion for You

Photo by Judy Ornelas Sisneros. All rights reserved.

If you’re a cat maniac like myself, you would’ve been delighted to be at Heaven on Earth‘s open house last Sunday evening in North Hollywood, an unexpected location to feel like you are in kitten paradise!

Heaven on Earth is a kitten and cat rescue organization which shelters its rescued felines at Perry‘s Place, a large facility in industrial NoHo. At the open house, visitors had the opportunity to meet many felines who are available for adoption.

Perry’s Place is extremely well organized, with rooms where you can view many adorable cats looking for their forever homes, and also rooms dedicated to mother cats and their newborn kittens (so cute!), Shadow’s room dedicated to senior cats (my favorite) and visiting rooms where a potential adopter or foster parent can hang out with available cats or kittens to play with and check out their personality. Also there a room for felines with FIV and they are adoptable, can live a normal life span and are ok to live with non-FIV cats as long as there’s no sinking of claws into each other.

The staff and volunteers of Heaven on Earth efficiently run their busy organization and facility with lots of love and passion for all of the felines who temporarily, until adoption or fostered, call Perry’s Place home. Anyone interested in adopting or fostering a cat or kitten can get in touch with Heaven on Earth to find their dream kitty!

Heaven on Earth, 7342 Fulton Avenue, North Hollywood, California.

(818) 474-2700

Judy Ornelas Sisneros

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