‘Monty’s Good Burger’ Opens in Echo Park!

All Photos by Billy Bennight for The Los Angeles Beat

With huge crowds and long lines, Monty’s Good Burger landed its third location in Echo Park last week to service Millennials’ ever-growing desire for excellent and nutritious plant-based food. At the friends and family soft opening of Monty’s a little over a week ago, the place was bananas with activists and vegetarian/vegan fans of all types waiting for Monty’s take on delicious plant-based fast food.

Chris, a helpful counterperson, took my order, and I decided to try a full meal with a double cheeseburger, fries, chopped kale caesar salad, a strawberry lemonade, and a coffee shake. After my order, I left to join my friend to talk about the food and enjoy the energy of Monty’s arty and kitschy atmosphere.

The exterior was welcoming and fun, and the interior was bright and graphically energized in a Warholian way. It vibes a lot off of the aesthetics of “Interview Magazine” during its heyday in the ’80s. People were everywhere feasting, and the joint was live! The placemats were cool, featuring Gary Baseman’s unique art. I’ve known Gary for a while, and it was like having another friend joining us for dinner. The restaurant is laid out in three sections. The reception area has several seating options and a wall dedicated to Monty’s merchandise. The middle area is a mix of booths and tall tables, and the third and last room is all booths for a more intimate setting and group dining. That room was a scene all in itself.

Monty’s Good Burger has a way with presentation too. Every meal that passed by us were beautifully laid out and a feast for the eyes. My Monty’s double cheeseburger came with all the fixings, including Follow Your Heart cheese, house spread, lettuce, tomato, house pickles, and grilled onions resting on Impossible 2.0 patties with a Bosch Potato bun. The elements of the burger were really good, but I think I like the original Impossible Burger over the gluten-free Impossible 2.0. I’m an omnivore, so I’m not a gluten-free or plant-based absolutist when it comes to my food. The Impossible 2.0 does have an Umami quality about it that should resonate with plant-based food aficionados, and it should be satisfying to vegetarian and vegans alike. The shoestring fries were hot and crispy. I asked for the onion and habanero aioli dipping sauce. I found the habanero hot and tasty. I also used Monty’s ketchup to good effect too. The strawberry lemonade was really good. I enjoyed the kale Caesar, and I followed it with the coffee shake, which was completely plant-based and amazingly delicious. The shake was thick, rich, and a delight to my taste buds.

Monty’s Good Burger replaced Lot 1 Café on the corner of Laveta Terrace and Sunset Blvd. Monty’s, by contrast, is lively, inviting and fun. My experience with their customer service was exemplary. The wait staff was attentive and friendly. Food was delivered cheerfully and we were always asked if we needed anything else from whoever served us. I heard that Monty’s went off with a bang on Saturday with their official first-day opening, with people eager to experience Monty’s menu of goodies. It’s a great friendly place to meet up and dine in a fun, easy atmosphere. People have a place to hang in Echo Park now. Long may Monty’s reign!

Billy Bennight

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