Preux and Proper: It’s a Chicken Thing!

South City Fried Chicken Lunchtime Pop-up at Preux & Proper. All photos by Billy Bennight.

The LA Beat, along with some 20ish other media folks was invited to an afternoon feast last week upstairs at Preux & Proper to explore the “Southside Fried Chicken” pop-up menu. It was a glorious way to introduce Preux and Proper’s new lunchtime menu option.nThe new menu combines all the goodness from “Southside Fried Chicken” with the charming atmosphere of Preux and Proper. It is the celebration of all things that are “Fried Chicken,” and then some.

Chefs Joshua Kopel and Samuel Monsour were both on hand to introduce, serve, and share the food from the “Southside Fried Chicken” menu. What soon followed was a dazzling blitzkrieg of marvelous chicken options. All of them were served up with Preux & Proper’s Fried Pickles and Mac & Cheese. The sandwiches offered were the Austin, the Nashville, the Greenville, the New Orleans, and the Chapel Hill. Along with the sandwiches, the chicken plates and salads all delivered in glorious fashion, that included Chicken & Waffles, Nashville Hot, Whole Fired Game Hen, Louisville Slugger, Crispy Dr. Pepper Wings, Chicken Bacon Cobb, and Pop’s Chop. We had a delirious hour and a half to eat all of these tantalizing takes on fried chicken, and the race was on!

The food was exquisitely plated, and it was a treat for the eyes. The sandwiches were bigger than life and portioned to satiate the hungriest of souls. All the menu options were amazing, but for me, I found the Austin, Nashville, Chapel Hill, Crispy Dr. Pepper Chicken Wings, the Chicken & Waffles, the Whole Fired Game Hen and the Chicken Bacon Cobb salad eyeball-rolling good!


Billy Bennight

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