The ShackMeister Burger ‘Classic Comfort Menu’ Available Through March at Shake Shack

ShackMeister Burger – Classic Comfort Meal

When there a chill in the air, or the streets are wet with rain, you tend to crave something tasty and hearty, something that sustains and embodies the magic of comforting goodness that satisfies. Although the weather is warming up, there a shiny light of hope to sustain you ’til spring. From now through March 31st, Shake Shack will be offering their timely and delicious Classic Comfort Menu. This is a limited menu featuring some great choices to fill the belly and feed the soul.

The Classic Comfort Menu features the ShackMeister Burger deal, which includes three new Shake Shack shake options–Cookie Butter, Malted Milk Chocolate or Frozen Hot Chocolate. The original inception of the newly relaunched ShackMeister Burger came about at the 2014 South Beach Food and Wine Festival. It all started with classic Shackburger topped with shallots marinated in ShackMeister Ale, and fried until crispy, a gourmet twist on onion rings. You can order the fried shallots on your French fries and hotdogs too. It makes for a perfect combo of salty and sweet.

On my recent visit to the DTLA Shake Shack on the corner of 8th and Hill, I was invited to enjoy a sampling of these delicious options. I ordered the ShackMeister Burger with the crinkle-cut fries, topped with cheese and shallots. I ordered two of the three shake options. I got the Frozen Hot Chocolate and the Cookie Butter to round out my meal. My double ShackMeister Burger was a masterpiece of cheesy, meaty goodness. The cheese oozed down the sides, caressing the 100% Angus beef, with shallots beautifully resting between meat and bun. The cheese and shallot-topped  crinkle fries were addictive. I’m a lover of chocolate and I knew it was a can’t miss choice, but once I sucked in the mind-blowing deliciousness of the Cookie Butter I sucked down that shake ’til every last drop was gone. Wow, it was just amazing! 

The staff was attentive and welcoming, which always essential to any good meal experience. The meal was skillfully made and attractively presented. And when you’re finished you know you’ve had a solid meal that carries you through the rest of the day. In the world of comfort food, there is nothing but pure satisfaction here. The Classic Comfort meal is a home run!   

This is a leap year, so you have an extra day to succumb to this classic meal. In fact, you can come back as often as you like through the end of March to mix and match any number of Classic Comfort Menu choices for your various moods.

All food and beverages comped by Shake Shack.

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