Baba the Cat Advises You on Where to Go in the Event of a Corona-Related Apocolypse

Baba. All photos by Paul Koudounaris.

Hello humans, it’s me again, Baba, your coronavirus care cat. Things got pretty crazy here in America yesterday. One of the big ‘news’ outlets contacted dad, they wanted to interview him for an article, and he said there’s no way he would talk to them for an article that was nothing more than panic mongering.

But he did agree to let me pull out some of his photos, so if you really want to indulge in this kind of *fantasy* (fantasy, not reality, humans), here are some options for your post-apocalyptic life here in Southern California…

Abandoned Dolemite Factory. Photo by Paul Koudounaris.

1) Abandoned dolemite factory, Hwy 395. Pro: structurally sound. Con: looks like a place marauders might show up at.

Abandoned Carrie factory mine. photos by Paul Koudounaris.

2) Carrie Mine, Pine Canyon. Pro: secluded mine with many things left behind–cookware, tools, Victrola. Con: the Victrola is broken and a vulture has build a nest in it.

Carlyle Mine. Photo by Paul Koudounaris.

3) Carlyle Mine, 29 Palms. Pro: secure location. Con: rats (not a con if you bring a cat!).

Old Aiken Cinder Works. Photo by Paul Koudounaris.

4) Old Aiken Cinder Works, Mojave Desert. Pro: structurally intact shack. Con: 120 in the summer and the shack is metal.

Reward Mine. Photo by Paul Koudounaris.

5) Reward Mine, Lone Pine. Pro: road is intact enough that you can pull a car into the mine. Con: eh, there’s still dynamite in there, NO smoking.

Las Flores Canyon. Photo by Paul Koudounaris.

6) Las Flores Canyon. Pro: mining tunnels with water supply. Con: bears.

Bell Hartman Cabin. Photo by Paul Koudounaris.

7) Bell Hartman Cabin, San Gabriel Mountains. Pro: you’ll be secluded, no one will find you here. Con: if anything goes wrong, no one will find you here.

Big Horn Mine. Photo by Paul Koudounaris.

8) Big Horn Mine, Mt. Baden-Powell. Pro: miles of tunnels. Con: it’s reputed to be haunted.

Mt. Ord. Photo by Paul Koudounaris.

9) Mt. Ord. Pro: massive tunnel network. Con: See that beam in the front center that’s cracking? That could be trouble.

OK humans, be well and good luck. Love, Baba.


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