Here’s What You Should be Hoarding: Steaks and Seafood!

Photo courtesy of Jeff Bovon.

You might not recognize L.A. native Jeff Bovon’s name, but I bet your favorite chef does. Jeff has been supplying high quality meat and seafood to the best restaurants and sushi pads in L.A. for 18 years. Prior to becoming a meat purveyor, he ran a restaurant for 10 years in Venice, so he knows what people want.

Unfortunately, the restaurant community has taken a hard hit, and that means Jeff has some product to move. He is opening up his wholesale shop for retail business during this crisis. So you can score a quality of meat not usually found in the grocery stores along with sushi-grade seafood at wholesale prices. All of his steaks are USDA Choice and above. He offers wild fish and all-natural chicken and turkey with no antibiotics. You may not have realized that almost all of the fish at the sushi bar was frozen, and you can get the exact same hamachi, octopus, scallops, and albacore. Jeff can provide you with everything except the knife skills,

Since not all of us have a walk-in freezer, the packages are sized for families and sold by the pound. For example, he has 30-day dry-aged prime steaks in 18-oz packs for $25 per pound, and 10-tongue trays of Santa Barbara fresh uni (220 grams) for $45 tray, about $20 cheaper than you can get it anywhere else. The real score is the raw, peeled, and deveined wild Mexican shrimp in 2 1/2 pound packages for only $9 a pound.

Jeff is located in Gardena for pickup or local delivery. Times are tough, but who says you have to eat Spam and canned beans? Email and let him know what you need.

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