Local Chefs Partner with José Andrés’ World Central Kitchen to Feed our Healthcare Heroes.

The Kaiser Team. Photo Courtesy of “Help Feed the Frontline LA”

Chef and restaurateur José Andrés is a global leader in getting food to the site of natural disasters, and has even been nominated for a Nobel Peace Prize due to his heroic efforts. In partnership with his global nonprofit, “World Central Kitchen,” and local chefs, “Help Feed the Frontline LA” is helping to provide healthy and free meals to healthcare workers during the COVID-19 crisis.

The movement was started by a small group of parents of LAUSD students, and now chefs like L.A. Beat favorite, Brooke Williamson is on the front lines raising money to feed over 450 medical professionals two meals a day from local restaurants at six Los Angeles ICU and ER units and hopes to add more. Participating restaurants include Chef Brooke’s own Playa Provisions, Local Kitchen + Wine Bar, Pacifique, Bacari PDR, M Café, Marmalade Café and Thyme Café.

According to Chef Brooke Williamson, “The creation of Help Feed the Frontline LA helps keep our business up-and-running and our employees working, while allowing us to play a larger role in supporting the brave medical professionals who are making sacrifices each and every day, and the locals’ donations to this cause make that possible.”

Funds for the meals are being collected through Go Fund Me, and all donations to Help Feed the Frontline LA are tax deductible. Not to sound like those old Sally Struthers commercials, but a donation of only $25  covers the cost of lunch and dinner for one healthcare hero for the day. Last Friday, Los Angeles Lakers player Anthony Davis announced a partnership with Lineage Logistics to offer a $250,000 matching donation to support the launch of the Help Feed the Frontline LA.

For more information go to the website.

Donate through Go Fund Me.


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