The Rundown: This Week in Brief 08/07/2020

Who Was Steven Parent?

On August 5, 2020, Scott Michaels, owner of Dearly Departed Tours and Hollywood film consultant, posted the story of Steven Parent, one of the lesser-known victims of the Manson Family. What was this 18-year old from El Monte doing in Benedict Canyon at that hour? And what was the deal with the clock radio? This new video on the Dearly Departed YouTube channel already has over 23k views. Scott Michaels, an expert on the dark underbelly of Los Angeles, and specifically the Manson Murders, focuses on honoring the lives of the victims as opposed to glorifying the murderers.

Up to 100 Men, Women and Children Brawl in Hotel Parking Lot in Anaheim

Cambria Hotel in Anaheim was the scene of a huge lunchtime brawl, with hotel guests using makeshift weapons like brooms and chair legs. There were two non-life-threatening stabbings and two arrests were made for fighting in public and resisting an officer. 50 to 60 police officers were dispatched to separate two groups at the melee, which took place around 12:40 p.m. Wednesday, according to Sgt. Shane Carringer, an Anaheim police spokesman. Witnesses told local television station KTLA that the trouble started when someone accidentally knocked a child into the water at the hotel’s popular waterpark. Disneyland had better reopen soon.

City to Shut off Water and Power at Places Flouting Pandemic Bans

Partiers are gonna party. Since last month’s restrictions on nightclubs and bars, there has been a surge in huge house parties, usually thrown at vacant houses or short-term rentals. These events gained attention this week when a woman was fatally shot at a party with 200 guests in Beverly Crest. Starting today, Mayor Eric Garcetti has authorized the City of LA to shut off water and power to these underground night clubs. I forsee an uptick in glow stick and Porta Potty sales. LINK

Does The Melvin’s King Buzzo Have a Problem with Weirdo Lesbians?

Buzz “King Buzzo” Osbourne of 90s alt band The Melvins, had a 2018 interview with Gavin McInnes on Gavin’s controversial podcast, “Get Off my Lawn,” resurface this week. Melvins fans on Facebook completely lost their minds. Buzz reportedly stated that weirdo ex-punk lesbians shouldn’t be running for office. Understandably, my weirdo ex-punk lesbian friends were not happy. I didn’t want to comment until I heard it, because I like the Melvins, and although I don’t know Buzz, we have many friends in common. So I hunted down the video. It was actually Gavin, founder of the Proud Boys, who made the statement about lesbians. But Buzz’s statements about diversity and socialism aren’t going to endear him to most of our readers. Is the very transgression of appearing on such a broadcast at all enough for modern cancel culture? I am loathe to link to a podcast that includes racist slurs (from Gavin before Buzz in introduced), but I also think our readers have the right to decide for themselves. You have to sign up for a membership for $10 a month, but all of my other sources have been taken down. LINK.

San Pedro Tide Pools Getting Pillaged

Some of L.A.’s coolest secret spots are the tide pools in San Pedro. Usually only frequented by elementary school classes and fishermen, the pandemic has brought people down to Royal Palms and White Point Beach in San Pedro in droves, many bringing buckets to collect mussels and crabs, as well as edible purple sea urchins and black turban snails. It is not against the law to take small animals from the tide pools, but there is a limit, and State Fish and Wildlife has begun handing out warnings and citations for overfishing. It’s hard to fault people who are out of work during the Covid crisis and trying to survive, but the ten pound limit per person is generous, and after this kind of damage, it will take at least ten years for the tide pools to recover. Petitions are now being circulated to make the tide pools protected “no take” marine reserves like Abalone Cove and Point Vicente. LINK.

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  1. Sue says:

    What a misleading article about Buzz. Crap journalism.

    • I asked that question in the title, because that has been the question going around social media this week. Everyone thought Buzz said it. I fairly answer the question, and identify who made the comment. Buzz laughed at the comment, and it was part of a larger conversation, so I could not state with certainty “Buzz Does Not Have a Problem with Weirdo Lesbians.” Before making these comments did you two listen to the podcast in its entirety as I did? Or are these misleading crap comments?

  2. Joe says:

    Elise – You can’t suggest Buzz has an issue with “weirdo lesbians” in the headline and then go on to say it wasn’t him that said it. How misleading.

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